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The Masterplanning Phase or a “Visioning Study” investigates attributes of the site, its orientation, slopes, winds impact, sun impact, vehicular access, it also investigates requirements of the Zoning Ordinance to determine building and parking setbacks, parking sizes and the amount of parking needed based on the size of the building or seating capacity. The Zoning Ordinance will also indicate height building materials, and landscaping and landscape screening. Since the project is a Church, Zoning requirements will also be determined and therefore a possible Special Use Approval set may be needed as a step toward overall Municipal approval.

This phase will also determine Building Program needs, square footages, functional areas of the building and their relationship to one another. Graphically, we design layouts of the building onto the site and give alternatives of the building’s placement, scale of the building and images of what it could look like in a conceptual form. Conceptual budget estimates are established in order to allow the Owner to fund raise.

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